St. Valentine Token

Let’s celebrate the day of lovers together. This day unites everyone around the world, it does not matter which country, nationality or gender.

We are happy to make a token which will connect people every year. Join our seasonal project, buy tokens, open Love boxes and get profit!

About Token

This token is a part of holidays ecosystem. One of our tokens did 35x! Others did 10x+In the future, all tokens will be connected across the ecosystem.

Token usually has 5% sell/buy tax. Sometimes, it will be lowered due to the “low tax event”. Tax is used to supply NFT bank and for the marketing/development needs.

Buy St. Valentine Token

it works

  • Get some VDT tokens
    Buy on PancakeSwap
  • Buy Love boxes with tokens and open them. Afterwards you will get lovely NFTs
  • Hold your NFTs to sell them at higher price or sell instantly.


Valentine's Day without presents… is impossible! Buy yours today!

You can buy your Love Box here. You will get 1 NFT from each box. There are 3 tiers of rarity, higher rarity = higher rewards in the NFT bank.

Tip - buy/open all needed boxes at once, this way you will pay less bsc commission.

0 VDT / box
≈ $0
Drop Chances
Chocolate Box
Rose Bouquet
Engagement Ring


This is NFT bank. The place, where you can change your NFTs for tokens.

Price of NFTs is based on the rarity and VDT price. Higher price of VDT = higher price of NFT. But also, NFT bank is supplied from the every transaction. 3% of every transaction goes to the NFT bank! In this case, you can hold NFTs and sell them later or higher price!

You can't sell basic rarity NFTs. Exchanged NFTs are automatically burned.

Chocolate Box
Rose Bouquet
Engagement Ring


  • Launch of the website
  • Twitter and telegram creation
  • Start of marketing campaign
  • Implementing smart contracts
  • Docs publication
  • Pre-launch marketing increase
  • Fair launch on PancakeSwap
  • Launch of Love Boxes
  • The beginning of the NFT bank's work